I am a Glassblower, a Cuidiu Breastfeeding Counsellor and a Doula based in Northern Ireland.

In May 31st - June 15th 2019 I will be exhibiting three large glass breasts infused with human milk at the 'Inspired' exhibition, hosted at London Glassblowing gallery. 

In September 2017 I asked a small group of mothers attending my breastfeeding support group if they would be willing to offer me a small bag of milk each so I could experiment with the milk in the hot glass studio. 

Initially I thought they would be a little put off by the idea of their precious milk being blasted with intense heat and infused in motlen glass. However the response was overwhelming and when word got out that I was experimenting with the human milk in glass. I had a steady flow of local mums arriving at my door requesting various glass designs infused with their milk.. 

I hadn't really thought about the prospect of this process being a world first at the time. I was so focused on making the glass and seeing the results. 

My passion for breastfeeding began when I had struggles with my own baby in 2009. I was saddened by my own lack of knowledge around birth and breastfeeding. I assumed my body would just know what to do. 

Birth and breastfeeding were traumatic and I needed to find answers. I studied for two years with Cuidiu (Irish Childbirth Trust) to become a Breastfeeding Counsellor. Then later I trained as a Doula. 

Having the skills to support others was so empowering and offered me great insight into such a deeply personal time for so many families. 

Now in 2019 I see milk posted to me from all over the world. Requests for such inspiring ideas in glass. I have so many to be thankful to. My customers push me to try new things with the Human Milk Glass.  

I am overwhelmed by the response to the glass breasts. 

For me there was no better way to display the human milk infused in the glass. It had to be breasts. 

These breasts represent the struggles and joys of so many incredible people I have met and supported over the last 10 years. 

They are my way to sharing with the world how powerful the connection with human milk can be. Its unlike anything else. It is medicine. It is Life giving. It is comfort. Its so hard to put into words what human milk is. For me it was easier to create sensational art glass to express my true love for what lactation has offered me in my life.. 

The skills to truly empathise with others.

The knowledge to offer me empowerment in my role as supporter to you.

Peace for the loss of my own baby and the joy of nurturing the children I have here with me. 

So now I want to bring these Big Glass Breasts to you. 

I aim to take these to as many countries as possible. 

Sharing the intimate beauty of the milk.



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  • Do you make art for purchase?Have you done any work with placentas?

    • ERin
  • Do you make art for purchase?Have you done any work with placentas?

    • ERin
  • PLEASE may I buy one!

    • Lin da Swan