(Fermanagh, 2002)

Over 20 years of Glass making skills.

A mother to two young children.

A support to families through skilled training as a Doula, Cuidiu (Irish Childbirth Trust) Breastfeeding Counsellor, Infant Massage Instructor and Baby Yoga Instructor. 

                                                            (Certificates, 2016)

When I had my own birth and feeding trauma I needed to know why.

I wanted to prevent these things happening to other women. 

So I became the person I wished i'd had by my side when I needed them the most. 

Now as my daughter approaches her ninth birthday I recognise how much of a journey I have been on and how far I have come. 

Coming full circle back to my first love, glassblowing.

Being able to combine my passion for birth and feeding and making glass has been one of the greatest discoveries for so many people. To make their breast milk into glass. Making Human Milk Glass.

                         (All Human Milk ready for making glass, 2018)

Making glass for families who have dealt with great loss and trauma. Loosing a baby can leave a huge void and somehow the glass has been able to offer something physical. 

I am always overwhelmed by the response to the glass when the mother first holds her glass piece in her hands. She will often begin to cry. The surprise of seeing something so special and totally unique to her can be so emotional.

Sadly I didn't have any milk from my own time breastfeeding and although I love making glass for others I really wanted to have something for myself. 

                                                           (Ballintoy, 2019)

A piece of hot glass that would represent my time with my young children and something they could look at when they are older or have for generations to come. 

So I decided to try infusing their baby teeth in glass and was amazed at the results. 

I finally had a little piece of DNA preserved for all eternity in glass.  

                                  (Baby tooth infused in hot glass, 2018)

"Absolutely love my breast milk paper weight - so beautiful! 
Great service too!
5 stars"