Process & Sales Policy

You have ordered your glass, so what happens now?

1. You will receive an email from me sending details about how to package and post your milk, teeth, placenta, umbilical cord. 

For Human Milk I need around 50ml. Frozen is fine and it won't matter how old the milk is. It is not for consumption. 

For Ashes I need around a full tablespoon 

It is Important that you DOUBLE BAG and BOX your Milk, Ashes, Umbilical Cord, Teeth or Placenta 

Clearly Label with your name and product order. Also any additional information about the glass you want. 

(Postage from Australia or USA may take a few weeks to arrive)

2. Once your precious package arrives it should be made into glass within 2 weeks

Postage goes out weekly. 

3. You receive your art glass in the post. 


Sales policy & Refunds

Once your order is placed.

* There is a 14 day window for a full refund should you decide you no longer want to have your glass art made.

* I will retain a tiny amount of your milk or ashes for up to one year should you decide to have further glass made or your glass is damaged during shipping to you. 

* No refund will be available after 14 days of order being placed, even if you do not send me a package of milk, ashes, blood, placenta, umbilical cord or teeth. 

* Changing what you wish to have infused into your glass is no issue. Just be sure to make a note of this when sending your precious cargo to me, to save confusion.