"London Calling"

                             (Human Milk infused in hot glass, 2019)

I've been part of the lactation and birth world for so long now. 

As a Cuidiu (Irish Childbirth Trust) Breastfeeding Counsellor & Birth Doula.

I forgot what it was like to exhibit work in a gallery. 

I feel much more comfortable assessing a latch with a new mother than talking art. 

Yet I felt I owed it to the many families who have entrusted me with their precious milk to apply to the London Glassblowing Gallery for the "Inspired" exhibition. 

                                     (Blowing glass, 2018)

They asked that the glass contain a tangible object. 

I consider human milk to be worthy of the title of tangible object. 
So I applied and was delighted to be accepted. 

                      (Human Milk infused in glass, Breast, 2019)

I am requesting that as many IBCLC's, Breastfeeding Counsellors and Peer Supporters attend this exhibition. And of course anyone who is passionate about lactation.

Understanding that we need to raise awareness around natural feeding and lactation is paramount. 

To offer insight into the beauty of milk in a new medium is removing the clinical aspect and bringing our milk into a new area.. ART!

The exhibition opens on the 31st of May - 15th June 2019. 

                     (Human Milk infused in hot glass, Breast, 2019)


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