"Mothers Day"

Mothers Day!

What does it mean to you? 

Lunch in a fancy restaurant?

Flowers and breakfast in bed?

Kids making cards at school?

Whatever it means to you, its an important day to be celebrated and also be mindful of. 

Over the years I have supported families during very difficult times.

Mother Guilt is something all mothers experience no matter how they came to be a mother. We as support for mothers want to offer reassurance and guidance to mind yourself. We want you to feel empowered.

Being a mother can feel thankless at times. Then the guilt kicks in and we feel crap for not being grateful for the little folk we wanted so badly. 

What shows on the surface may not reflect what we feel inside. 

Adoption, Surrogacy, Fostered, Birth, Baby Loss, so many of us have been on a journey to be offered the title of mother. 

Mothers Day can bring comfort to so many families who may not have their child with them. 

There are so many circumstances to consider when we enter into this day. 

For those who suffer from Postnatal Depression, Mothers Day can be a stark reminder of how much they feel they are failing at the role of Mother. 

For those who feel the rawness of baby loss, this day can be taunting. 

Grieving the loss of your mother.

Or grieving the loss of your partner, the mother of your children. 

For some of us who have to work on Mothers Day, we only see our children at bedtime.

This year I will be in the glass hot shop making glass for other mothers. 

Making glass that will reflect a special time in their life with their child. 

I know I will get the chance to celebrate with my children later in the day and that our time together will be special. 

I love making glass and although I take my role as 'Mother' very seriously, I know I will be fine to have this day spent away from my kids. 

As a single mum our time together can be intense and its often difficult to spend one to one time with each of my children. Which is often what they long for more than anything. 

I'm thankful for homework club when each child gets a few hours in the afternoon with me all to themselves. Its a special time and I know as they grow older that time spent together like this will change.

Whatever Mothers Day means to you I hope it is gentle and a day of special moments.

*If your a new mother in need of support then please make contact. I run an online support group for breastfeeding mothers and also offer postpartum doula services.*

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