New Year, New Career

The tingles are still real from raising all that money for my workshop.

Its been a rollercoaster of a time since.

Ordering the furnace and kiln and getting the bench and marver custom made. These are all the things I have been so excited about and so many people have congratulated me on the success of the kickstarter.

(Minimelt, glass furnace)

(Glass Annealer)

The next few months are going to lay out a little like this.

Firstly I don't have a shed or garage to house the equipment. I have been trying to find a place for months and no joy so far. I decided to move back to my home place of Derry in Northern Ireland to start this venture. Being a single mum with a daughter about to start High School in September means I need to be very certain about the location of our new home. Its important the kids are in a place where they can grow and develop too and also feel happy. Its important that they meet new friends. I've already had to move 3 times in 3 years due to extreme circumstances. So getting this right is vital. For now the equipment is going into storage until I can find a suitable location. This sadly may take up until June and then I have the kids off school for 2 months. So the glass that is due to go out to those who pledged will be top of my list. This also means I am financially restricted and the lack of earning is taking its toll on my wellbeing. I know that it will come together but I feel the weight of the glass orders weighing heavily on my shoulders and the yearning to get back into the workshop is powerful. I have to be as inventive as I can with the few resources I have right now to create an income. Making glass jewellery and knitting. 

100% recycled Irish crystal earrings

Glass initials

Finish piece

The points above are the strains I feel under, here are the positives. I have some incredible ideas for the future of the glass. I want to send the large glass breasts on tour this year. Lactation Conferences happen in all corners of the world, I intend to have my glass breasts at as many as possible. In all their illuminated Human Milk infused beauty.

Next I want to celebrate International Breastfeeding Week in August with an exhibition of glass infused with mothers milk. This will be a very special interactive exhibition where the mother will seek out her glass on opening night. Gathering families to celebrate. Acknowledging the hard work providing milk for their child and for those who have worked tirelessly to offer milk for donation and whatever place that mother found herself in when she was lactating. The stories behind the glass are powerful and thought provoking. Its important to me that Human Milk and Human Stories be seen and heard. 

Inspired Exhibition 2019 @ London Glassblowing Gallery (Human Milk Infused glass breasts)

As well as these projects I want to continue raising awareness around breastfeeding and continue offering support as an Advanced Breastfeeding Counsellor. When in my new home I may be able to start up my old support group that is vitally needed in the Northwest.

Supporting mums

So to round up. Things are in a tricky place right now.. But that is only at this moment. The circumstances are going to change and the workshop is going to happen soon. It can't come soon enough for me. 



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