"Pendant making.. Its not as easy as you may think."

So I am one of those people who enjoys watching the process of how something is made. 

I know i'm not alone as I get asked often how does it work.. 

This is the short version of what happens. I can't give away all my secrets. 

One of the trickiest techniques I have worked on recently was making human milk glass pendants. 

Unlike your standard glass pendant, these must contain human milk. 

Human milk is a complex liquid to work with as it is a liquid, its organic and each one is different. 

First I get the milk posted to me. 

They come from all over the world, so its very important that they are double bagged and boxed to prevent leaking. 

Each milk will have very clear instructions on what it will become. 

Bowl, Vase, Pendant, Paperweight, Goblet.. 

Next I must make the milk destined to become a pendant into glass. 

The milk must be infused in hot glass to seal the colour and prevent it from discolouring. 

With the milk safely infused in the glass now I can be sure that it won't discolour when I break it up to make into a pendant. 

This is a close up of what the glass looks like when it cools down. 

Now the glass needs to be broken up.. to make the smaller pieces for pendant making.

This then gets the colour added and fired in the kiln

Now we are ready to make this little piece of glass into a beautiful pendant containing your precious milk. 

The piece of glass is finished in silver and ready to send to you.. 

I hope you enjoyed this little photo blog of the process of human milk glass pendant making. As you can see its not a straight forward process and takes skill and time to achieve the finished piece. 

You can choose your own birthstone colours and mix them up.. Its up to you.. Shout out your ideas and i'll see what I can create just for you.. 


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