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Buckenham Gallery, Suffolk 1st June - 15th July 2023

Enchanted Garden, Belgium 9th June - 10th October 2023



Irish Glass Biennale 28th April - 20th August 2023

Irish Glass Biennale 28th April - 20th August 2023

“Underpinning much of the work on display is purposeful and meaningful engagement with the materiality of glass. Its transparency, ductility and fragility, combined with its seemingly contradictory qualities of strength, solidity and hardness, form a context for experimentation and a rich seam of exploration for many of the makers represented. The Northern Ireland-based artist, Helen Hancock, is one such maker. She explores what happens when glass is infused with breastmilk, umbilical cords, milk teeth or ashes, telling us that milk teeth create an extraordinary bloom of gold colour when saturated into glass, while breast-milk creates a web-like...

World Breastfeeding Week 2022

World Breastfeeding Week 2022

I am truly honoured to be in a position to not only support women on their breastfeeding journey but I can also create something very special and unique to commemorate their very personal breastfeeding time too. 

This year for World Breastfeeding Week and to also celebrate Breastival NÍ extending to Derry I have requested some of the many families who have had Breastmilk in Glass made to send me some pictures of their glass.


Thank You to all of you who sent these stunning pictures 



Glass Breasts on Tour

Glass Breasts on Tour

As I am sure many of you know by now I am an Advanced Breastfeeding Counsellor as well as a Glass Artist.

I am also a qualified Doula, Infant Massage Instructor, Baby and Toddler Yoga instructor.

But, lets stay focused on the Breastfeeding Counsellor area.

What this entails is that since 2012 I began training in the area of lactation learning. 

I began by training in Peer Support. 

Shortly followed by training in the next level of support which is Breastfeeding Counsellor. I trained with Cuidiu (an Irish based charity formerly known as The Irish Childbirth Trust) 

Qualifying in 2016...