The BOOB Badge (Supporting Breastfeeding in Public)

Lets start a movement.

Lets try to show the world that we are supporting those who are using their breasts to feed their children in public.

I have a problem with stickers that suggest you can feed your baby in specific public places. 

I have a problem with these because they suggest you may not be welcome to feed your baby in other public places where this "Breastfeeding Welcome" sign may not be visible. 

As a supporter of new parents I often see how vulnerable and anxious they are when it comes to nursing their children in public. Especially if they have had a tough beginning or are totally new to the concept of using their body to feed their children. 

With our great passion for supporting breastfeeding we as trained supports often want to approach a nursing mother to offer praise or guidance. But yet we are also aware that this may not always be welcome and can feel a little overwhelming for a mum nursing her little one.. 

I have thought about this for a long time and although I do have an official badge that indicates my status as qualified trained Breastfeeding Counsellor. I don't wear it unless I am part of a support group or representing my branch or organisation..

So I got my creative hat on and decided that a simple and effective way to show our solidarity and support to those feeding their children in public was a simple boob badge. 

I started by making these little single (sometimes donated human milk infused) boob badges and then decided to make sets of pairs.. 

Its a basic concept..

* The badge represents your support, acceptance and understanding. 

* Your knowledge of breastfeeding.

* Your trained support. 

A simple symbol that speaks 1000 words.

You are independently saying you support breastfeeding in public.. Its your choice to wear your badge. Your choice to engage with nursing mothers in public and their choice to engage with you. 

Often it can take a small gesture of understanding to help an anxious mother feel secure in what she is doing. 

Creating a positive outcome and changing how we support breastfeeding in our community and across the world. 

The single badge is £5 to order (Plus postage fee)

Thank You for joining me in supporting breastfeeding in Public.


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