Lactation Rewards

Lactation Rewards

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Lactation Rewards

I have attended many conferences over the years and the information has been invaluable. 

Its always a pleasure to spend time meeting other passionate people who want to make changes in their community. 

One thing that I have always wanted to see more of was the presentation to the key speakers. Those who spend hours tirelessly writing books that we use as reference every day in our role as doula or breastfeeding supporter. 

I created these pieces with them in mind. 

I wanted to make glass that acknowledged what its all about. 

I also wanted them to represent the many people who offer the support in the community. Those who make a difference to so many families. 

My primary goal has always been to use the glass to help normalise lactation. To help break down the stigma that is public feeding. To help offer some connection to your breastfeeding journey or goals. 

To reward those that have offered support to you.

❤️ The Peer Supporters
❤️ The Lactation/Breastfeeding Counsellors

If you’d like to order a special gift or presentation piece for someone who supported you through your breastfeeding journey then this would be a very personal and precious gift to give.

* Multiples may be purchased at a reduced rate *

(Human milk infused solid glass with copper leaf nipple)