Stop Shaming Breastmilk Keepsakes

With the newest (not new to many of us) phenomenon to sweep the world being Breastmilk Keepsakes. I’ve observed many sneers, snide remarks, faces of disgust and eye rolls.

I have also witnessed absolute joy, tears and so much healing from this work. 



So lets discuss what this work represents.

Most creatives who make breastmilk keepsakes are doing so from a place of passion around lactation. The work of course is profitable but it also so rewarding in that we offer something we fully relate to as being so special and also challenging.

Breastfeeding is hard work when you grow up in a society that does not see it as normal. It is not something we learn about as we grow into adulthood. Many of us only raise an interest in this when we are pregnant. 

There is often the assumption that our body will instinctively know what to do and our baby will respond positively. This of course is more often than not the case.

Most of the women I support in my role as Breastfeeding Counsellor have come from a place of trauma. With little to no knowledge of the realities of breastfeeding. 

The trauma has come about often due to bad support from their healthcare provider when birthing and breastfeeding. Sadly a clear display in the lack of knowledge. 

When these mothers finally feel they have cracked the code and are feeding efficiently then there is the next hurdle to jump over. 

The Stigma!

Feeding in Public (terrifying for many)

Feeding beyond 6 months (misinformed family or healthcare providers offer uneducated guidance around this age)

Feeding a toddler (seen as unnecessary by many)

The list goes on and on...

Paperweight infused with Breastmilk

What the work we make offers many women.

Healing! Comfort! Rewarding! Milestone! Love! 

Why would anyone want to react in a negative way about this?

I have made pieces of glass infused with breastmilk made for babies that have died. This is truly powerful. I’ve seen how this glass has offered some comfort to a family. Not just a mother. But siblings and fathers too. 

Looking beyond what the piece is hosting and seeing the beauty in the creativity. In the skill involved in making something that holds such sentimental value. 

So I’m offering you the chance to read other people’s responses to the work. 

So you see, the work offers so much more than a piece of glass or a piece of jewellery. 

Isn’t that something to be celebrated? 

These are only a few of the reviews that I get sent about the work. 

I think we need to acknowledge how powerful the breastmilk keepsakes are. 

So take a moment to consider how valuable a piece of art like this is to a family. Why we need to stop shaming those who opt to have their precious milk infused into glass or resin.

The sneering needs to stop.

You have no idea why someone chooses to have a keepsake like this made.

Let’s rejoice in the beauty and healing these pieces can offer so many. 

Let’s celebrate our amazing bodies.

For us makers, lets keep loving what we do and keep sharing our specialist work. Because we are making a difference and the proof is here for all to see. 

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