Your Glass, made for you.

What a Rush! 
Moving House, Moving Schools, Building 2 glass studios. Raising 2 kids singlehandedly. 

It’s easy to say the past 9 months have been intense in the most incredible way. 

With the kids exploring the beach.

Lockdown hit a week after we moved house. 
I honestly can say I enjoyed the time with my children. It reconnected us in a way I had not anticipated. 
Slowly pieces of glass equipment began arriving over the months that followed. 
The separation from the world meant I felt I had time to be prepared for the hot glass studio.

I have so many people to thank for those early days of preparing. 
From building benches and marver tables, to fixing my car and moving all my furniture. Getting the kiln converted to an excellent annealer and to the generosity of sharing glass, time and knowledge... 

First day creating solo with my new minimelt

I’ve been so overwhelmed and grateful for all the support. 
Also for the belief in what my vision is.

I find it so exciting to hear people freely discuss the breast milk in glass now as an art form rather than something bizarre. 

So the wheels of change are in motion now to raise awareness around breastfeeding. 

Feeding my son on the beach

The inspiration for my work comes from the mothers I support on their breastfeeding journeys.

My top selling products are 

* Rings infused with breast milk

* Breast milk infused glass baubles 

* Etching on glass depicting mother and child infused with breast milk glass droplets. 

These very special and personal pieces of art are created with love and knowledge around supporting women. 

I feel emotionally connected to each specialist piece of glass I produce. 
I love the feedback I receive about the glass. 
I want to continue creating the glass you want. 

As well as continue offering informed breastfeeding support to mothers. My role as Breastfeeding Counsellor is still very much centre of who I am and what I do. 

Now with Christmas coming soon I want to be able to provide families with beautiful unique gifts that they can treasure for a lifetime. 

So please remember to send in your orders soon, I only need a minimum of 30ml of breast milk to create something truly breathtaking. 


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