Running a busy day to day life.

Two young kids and a small business to run it can be challenging.

Throw into the mix house hunting and building a studio and you have a slow process.

With the thrill of maxing the target with the kickstarter fund raiser the new challenge that I faced was finding a place to create the studio.

The set up is quite simple and will be set up at home. My biggest hurdle has been to find a house that has a garage. No easy feat when you want to move to Derry, my home town.

In addition to the house the kids need to be in a safe place where they can play and not feel isolated. Close to schools and amenities. 

I'm still on the hunt for a house.

All the equipment is ready to go and I have nowhere to put it. 

The exciting news is that I did do my induction day for my furnace on Saturday. 

KT form Glass Hub UK and Minimelt flew over from England to very kindly show me the process of running and maintaining my own furnace. We used Brian Kerr's minimelt furnace called 'Rory' to demonstrate on. 

Brian also created the most amazing spread of food on the day. Wow!!! His homemade pate was amazing.

Brian Kerr from Garage Glass with his minimelt furnace 'Rory'

Melting glass in the minimelt furnace

KT from Glass Hub UK & Minimelt emptying the pot
It was a fantastic day. My head was whirling when I drove home after. 

My friend Danny Green who is also a master of his trade has created the most beautiful marver table for me and is currently building me a bespoke bench to work at.

The gorgeous marver table Danny built

I have so many people who want to help and for that I feel so grateful and happy.

Especially all those incredible people who donated to my fund back in October/November. How amazing to feel that level of support.

So the hunt for a new home is still on and there may be a slight delay in getting glass to people who pledged for pieces through the kickstarter. But be assured they are my priority as soon as the furnace is up and running. 

We are so close now to getting there, I can feel it.. 

I can't wait to create your breast milk infused glass. For all the incredible women who feel empowered when holding something so strong and solid as their glass infused with their milk that they nurtured their baby with, offered lifesaving medicine with and created healing for each other after a traumatic birth. 

Human Milk infused glass paperweight 

I can't wait to create glass that is so deeply personal and can offer comfort in a time of grieving and a need to have a visual aid to represent a loved one, a special person or even a beloved pet. 

Offering ashes in a bespoke and unique way. 

Ashes in Glass

Creating jewellery unlike anything seen before, using very technical processes to offer you something that nobody else will ever have. Using whatever you feel is personal and needs to be close to your heart. That may be your baby's umbilical cord, or placenta (the blanket that housed and grew your baby) or baby teeth. You may want some ashes to be infused in a pendant or your precious milk.. 

I know how much these things mean to you and I am happy to discuss options that will represent you. 


The possibilities are endless.. 

I'll keep you all posted on how things are going as they develop. 

Stay on this journey with me.  

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