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Running a busy day to day life.

Two young kids and a small business to run it can be challenging.

Throw into the mix house hunting and building a studio and you have a slow process.

With the thrill of maxing the target with the kickstarter fund raiser the new challenge that I faced was finding a place to create the studio.

The set up is quite simple and will be set up at home. My biggest hurdle has been to find a house that has a garage. No easy feat when you want to move to Derry, my home...

New Year, New Career

New Year, New Career

The tingles are still real from raising all that money for my workshop.

Its been a rollercoaster of a time since.

Ordering the furnace and kiln and getting the bench and marver custom made. These are all the things I have been so excited about and so many people have congratulated me on the success of the kickstarter.

(Minimelt, glass furnace)

(Glass Annealer)

The next few months are going to lay out a little like this.

Firstly I don't have a shed or garage to house the equipment. I have been trying to find...