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It all comes down to this time.

The next 40 days are going to shine a light on what I offer here in this small corner of the world in Northern Ireland.

(Happy National Breastfeeding Week 1 - 7th Oct 2019)

With its dwindling breastfeeding rates and lack of resources to support women in their most vulnerable time..Postpartum and scared.

My mission is to use my art to raise awareness around Breastfeeding here. 

Shine a light on the magic of what our incredible bodies can do.

I want to celebrate the beauty of the...

How the Hell do you launch a Fund Raising Campaign?????

How the Hell do you launch a Fund Raising Campaign?????

I've had this idea for months, maybe even years now about raising funds to open a small hot glass studio of my own to make the glass.

I suppose up until now most people will have assumed I already have a workshop of my own. 

But alas I do not.

The truth is, if this campaign does not work then I have to stop making glass. 

(Shaping the hot glass)

Since 1998 it has been my dream to build my own hot glass studio, but I honestly never really saw this as a possibility until...